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We help you discover what kinds of experience your customers will value – what kind of ‘journey’ through your business will engage them in the most effective way. Through doing this, we turn them into trusting supporters of your brand, in a world where increased choice is eroding loyalty and increasing customer churn.

CGA offers advice, insight and solutions on your entire customer engagement universe – and in this way helps transform it into one of your biggest business assets.

We focus on answering five core questions for clients:

  1. What Is Customer Experience?
  2. What Value does Customer Experience have for my organisation?
  3. What Experiences Do Your Customers Want?
  4. So can I improve the value of our Experience for customers?
  5. How can I implement a new Customer Experience into the business?
Experience Roadmapping™ starts with a hard look at your company today, examines various scenarios for business success, and then maps how and where customer experience can contribute. We will provide you with a clear ‘roadmap’ with milestones that define each development phase from pilot through to rollout, making it measurable, manageable and attainable.

Our Customer at the Heart™ (CATH) programme is designed to truly make your organisation customer centric. Embracing all of our skills, experience and methodologies the full CATH programme incorporates: customer insight, strategic direction setting, customer & experience proposition development, organisational transition and metric & process definition.

Our approach to Customer Insight is different from traditional customer research. We’ll help you understand why your customers behave the way they do, rather than simply what they think, so that we can influence this behaviour to drive sales & loyalty. Our Customer Experience Audit considers what is right and wrong about the experience your customers have with you – not just in rational and functional terms but also in emotional terms.

Our innovative Customer Heartbeat™ technique allows us to pinpoint precisely what your customers want. It traces their every step, and monitors how they feel at each interaction. From this, we can see where they are happy, and where we need to improve their experience. The process includes a clear guide to communicating with customers, implementing changes and measuring their effect, to ensure you consistently deliver an experience to delight the customer at every point. If you have a problem with one specific customer interface our Experience Keyhole Surgery™ identifies and fixes the experience at individual customer touchpoints.

Two challenges facing companies right now are the economic down turn and the need to be seen to be ‘Green’. Our Shopper Optimisation programme is designed to drive greater value out of a customer base by focusing on the experiences influencing the behaviour of key customer groups. Our Eco-Ethical Experience Strategy (or 3E) programme uses our Customer Heartbeat™ methodology to really understand what your customers and stakeholders expect from you in terms on your green credentials, messages and behaviours.

“The impact has been great and CGA’s work has become installed in our vocabulary. The work has made a valuable contribution to the business and surpassed our expectations.”
Ken Lee, Group Marketing Director - Inchcape
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