Proposed Research

Each of the proposal submitted below will be costed and assessed for viability for the inclusion in the Empathy Research Programme.  Key considerations will be the agreement of the Licensees, costs and timescales.

  • Proposal #1 - suggested April 2011
  • To pull together all the academic research on measurement within the Customer Experience space and to assess the merits of each based on evidence provided in the public domain.
  • Proposal #2 - Suggested April 2011
  • To assess the impact on Customer interviews given new knowledge and understanding of subliminal memory
  • Proposal #3 - Suggested May 2011
  • Subsidise the launch of ASPIRE60 by discounting Licensee client fees
  • Proposal #4   - Suggested May 2011       
  • Assess the connection between telephonic empathy and visualisation – does good or bad empathy change the way we visualise the person / environment or brand
  • Proposal #5 - Suggested May 2011      
  • Build on Simon Baron-Cohen concept of ‘Zero Degrees of Empathy’ – in relation to cultural influences on behaviour.
  • Proposal #6 - Suggested May 2011
  • Personality Profiling - The objective of this project is to deepen our understanding of EMPATHY in the contact centre outsourcing market
  • Proposal #7 - Suggested May 2011
  • Using outputs of the ERIC and Aspire60 Programmes investigate Neural networks and artificial intelligence to create real-time reporting at the desktop

If you have suggestions or ideas that you would like us to explore and fund please submit them to