Jamie's final video story on Customer Empathy and Corporate Culture

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Jamie had planned to write a book - 'Campfireology' - a set of metaphoric tales relating to the business world.  As part of this process he released a set of these video stories.  This is the final one which he posted on 5th February 2013.  No-one could have known that only 3 months later he would leave us; but I do believe this video is how he would love to have been remembered - entertaining his audience.
The 7th in the series 'The Customer is NOT always right!' is available below.  It is a short (3:35) video and includes 2 stories on why it is so important to understand why the Customer might feel that they are right - even if they are technically wrong.



Supporting SOCAPiE at Call Centre EXPO

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I spent the 2nd and 3rd October at the Call Centre Expo Exhibition in Olympia supporting SOCAPiE (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Europe).   An interesting couple of days and particularly nice to spend time with Robert Crawford (SOCAPiE), Michael Hill (SOCAPiE), Kathy Stiff (Supporting Customer Care Ltd.) and Tim Poyntz (Customer Impact).
I find it quite frustrating that the industry is yet again falling back to technology for the answers to develop a great customer experience - of course technology has a place but surely it is a balance with people development?

Mpathy Plus Announces Date of Second Breakfast Meeting

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Martin Jukes - MD of Mpathy Plus - has, following a very successful breakfast meeting in Leeds in June, announced a second breakfast meeting in Birmingham on the 28th September 2012.  The meeting will take place at Cornwall Buildings, 45 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 3QR.
To reserve your place or to find out more information please contact Martin directly on:  07815 777017  or at:

Jamie Lywood announced as Judge for Customer Service Training Awards 2012

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Jamie Lywood has been confirmed as a Judge for the Customer Service Training Team of the Year category - Independent Training, Coaching and Consultancy.

Jamie says "I am delighted to be confirmed as a judge for this category.  The quality of the support a company gets from an independent consultancy is essential.  The ROI must be sustainable and the work act as a catalyst for all the people.  I encourage all organisations to assess the value of the support they receive and, where appropriate, to enter these awards".

The Customer Service Training Network was formed in 2007 by Don Hales.  The Customer Service Training Network provides a forum for everyone with an interest in coaching, training and development in the field of customer experience management.  As well as providing regular meetings and networking events throughout the country, the organisation holds an annual awards ceremony and is developing a trainer accreditation programme. Contact Jamie Lywood for more information.


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Tuesday 21st February 2012 - Jamie Lywood, CEO of 
Compathy Limited, gave a lively keynote speech on the importance of empathy in business. His company licenses and accredits users of the Harding & Yorke empathy measurement methodology, helping to make genuine improvements in customers’ experiences while creating profit. Jamie illustrated his points with entertaining anecdotes, using stories from outside financial services to explain how those in the room might best build a concern for treating their customers well into their work in our industry.

Customer Experience Forum

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Definity meet as a Forum four times a year.  The next meeting date is Wednesday 8th February, 2012.

The aim is to provide a setting in which specialists at the operational end of customer experience, quality measurement and coaching can share experience and best practice, enhance and develop skills and discuss key topics with like-minded professionals.

The Forum is for you if you:

  • Have strategic responsibility for contact centres and/or any aspect of customer experience – whether phone, correspondence, web or face-to-face.  
  • Are responsible for, or work in, a specialist Quality Assessment or Improvement Team.  
  • Are a training or coaching specialist working to improve customer experience.  
  • Manage a customer-facing team and have responsibility for monitoring, motivating and improving the performance of your team.  
  • Assess and/or measure the quality of service delivered to customers as part of your role.

The Forum provides an environment in which you can further your professional development and network with a range of people working in similar settings in other organisations.  Definity would be delighted if you would like to join this growing group and attend the next meeting on Wednesday 8th February 2012. Please contact Definity to join the mailing list and to register your interest in this and following events.

Happy New Year

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 to everyone.

2012 is going to be the year when empathy comes to the fore and the measurement methodology spreads to all four territories operated by Compathy (UK & EMEA, Americas, ASIA and Australasia).  

New Licensees are joining and offer new skills and expertise so that every client can get the support and direction they need to build differentiated and profitable customer experiences.

Throughout the year we will work hard to support Licensees and their clients and we will listen to their concerns, ideas and even their unexpressed needs and wishes so that each will know that we work instinctively in their best interests. 

Best wishes

Jamie Lywood

Untitled Post

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11th October 2011

We are delighted to announce the launch of a joint venture between Compathy, SOCAPiE and Oxford Brookes University Business School.  Together we are re-launching the old ERIC Empathy Benchmarking Programme under the banner 'Something4Everyone'.  We will be inviting existing SOCAPiE Members to get involved and jointly marketing new Membership combined with Participation in the new venture.  As SOCAPiE is a not-for-Profit organisation participation is heavily discounted.

Starting in the UK & EMEA the benchmark will expand to the 3 other licensed territories: Americas, ASIA and Australasia.

You can view our Digital Brochure or, if unable to do this (e.g. iPad users) you can see the PDF HERE
View the Top60 companies in the Benchmark (based on historic data)

Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions at: or 07850 202030

New Licensee working for their Membership

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We are delighted to announce the inclusion of SOCAPiE in our Licensee Group.  SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals) is a not-for-profit organisation working in the best interests of their members on consumer affairs.

SOCAP will market the ASPIRE60 (UK & EMEA) and ASPIRE100 (Global) empathy benchmarks within their membership groups.  
Compathy will encourage new (non member) participants to enjoy the benefits of SOCAP Membership and an empathy measure together and to take advantage of the great privileges afforded to their members. 

LSN Learning join UK & EMEA Licensee Group

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We are deligthed to announce that LSN Learning has become an Empathy Licensee for the UK & EMEA.   
LSN is focused on making learning work.  They are experts in learning and management and apply this to provide consulting, outsourcing, research, technology and training services.  They support further and higher education, local authorities and schools, public services and work-based learning organisations in achieving best practice.  Their expertise will help to develop people, enhance services and improve organisations.  They operate on a not-for-profit basis with an extensive network of specialist associates across the UK and internationally.

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