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Empathy Partners now controls the IP, methodology and designs (both registered and unregistered) of Harding & Yorke.  We have decided to abandon licensing with the existing licensees becoming working 'partners' instead. This 'partnership' is offered to a limited number of consultancies and other parties and includes supporting them with accredited suppliers and business development opportunities.


 The benefits of being a partner to your Agency or Consultancy include:

·         Work with existing consultancies or within existing contracts whist empowering your suppliers with new skills and



·         Complement existing strategies with a proven metric across all channels, functions and geographical borders


·         Access and assimilate research on empathy in the work-place


·         Participate in a global benchmarking programme on ‘how you make your customers feel’ and ‘how they feel whilst

        you process them’ and correlate findings to internal financial and other data


·         Benefit from the expansion of the development of empathy products and services as they are incorporated into

        existing supplier toolkits.


·         All Harding & Yorke's Historical Data including the outputs of the ERIC Benchmarking Programme (2004-9)


·         All Questionnaires (Telephony / Retail / Correspondence (Letter and Email) / Automated Services / Web)


·         Access to, and participation in, EPIC Benchmarking Programme


·         Proposal and Presentation Templates


·         Exclusive access to, and rights over, Academic Research findings (annual spend up to £40k per annum)


·         Rights to develop own products and services

·         PR, Conference and Event material


·         Business Development Opportunities - secured through Blanket Agreements and Speaking engagements


·         Regular Database Marketing - using 15,000 existing contacts



  If you would like to recommend a consultancy or other organisation to become a partner please contact Phil Owens