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Empathy benchmarking re-launch

posted 11 Oct 2011, 01:14 by Unknown user   [ updated 3 Jan 2012, 08:19 ]

At the end of last year (2011) we launched a joint venture between Compathy, SOCAPiE and Oxford Brookes University Business School. Together we are re-constructing the old ERIC Benchmarking Programme under a new banner 'ASPIRE60'.

  • Compathy is conducting the research through the Accredited Research Team responsible for the ERIC Programme (2004-9)
  • SOCAPiE Existing Members will be encouraged to participate
  • Oxford Brookes University Business School will be conducting the analysis and reporting on their findings

A joint marketing campaign offering new SOCAPiE Memberships combined with the Empathy Benchmark will launch shortly.  As SOCAPiE is a not-for-profit organisation there are serious discounts for participating companies!

You can view our DIGITAL BROCHURE or, if you are unable to do this (i.e. iPad users), you can view our PDF Document.
See if you are one of the Top60 companies in the benchmark (based on historic data)