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Morrisons vs. Tesco

posted 27 Jul 2011, 03:08 by Unknown user   [ updated 27 Jul 2011, 03:17 ]
My mother is a very competent 80 year old mother of 7 and grand mother of 24.  She is currently mastering an ipad with alarming ease!  She told me a story the other day which I thought I would pass on.  She wanted to buy some filter pods for her new coffee machine and knew that they were available in most supermarkets.  So as not to waste a journey she rang the local Tesco and asked if they had some in stock and whether they could set some aside.  They seemed completely unaware of their stock levels and certainly couldn't be bothered to go to the shelves and check or put them aside.  So my mother rang Morrisons which is far less convenient being about a further 25 miles round trip.  They, in contrast, couldn't have been nicer.  They checked their stocks, went to the shelves and put the required number of coffee pods aside for collection.  On arrival my mother went to the Customer Service till and they greeted her by name and gave her the coffee.  I tell this story because my mother is not easy to please and this has made a real impact on her.  Well done Morrisons - you have more converts by way of my mother, her children and her grandchildren.