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Mobile Phone Companies - a disgrace

posted 30 Aug 2012, 03:36 by Unknown user
Recently I have had cause to call both Orange and Vodafone - and had a torrid time.
Firstly Orange - on behalf of my 81 year old mother - she went into an Orange shop and explained that she only uses her phone once or twice a month - despite asking for a pay as you go plan she was put onto a 2 year expensive contract - I have tried to contact Orange 10 times and have spent over 3 hours on the phone and they are not responding - the shop denies responsibility and the HQ won't respond - terrible customer experience
As for Vodafone - I was offered a deal on the internet - confirmed by an advisor but when I was put through to the sales department they tried to charge me more - also it doesn't seem to matter what numbers you press on the IVR - you get through to the same department and have to go through the security time and time again - They don't seem to care about sustaining or keeping existing customers and they certainly don't keep their word! - Shame on both companies - 
They (Vodafone) had the audacity to send me a questionnaire - despite giving the worst possible scores no one has contacted me - what a waste of an opportunity to redeem themselves.