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Horsley Network Event - 12 hours early!

posted 21 Jun 2011, 04:50 by Unknown user
Yesterday I delighted to be invited to speak at the Horsley Network Event in East Horsley, Surrey.  The venue was Horsley Towers, previously the home of the Lovelace family and now a De-Vere Hotel.  It was a delight to meet the business people of the village and, whilst there was an eclectic group (from garden designers to marketeers and design agencies) it was clear that they all understood and appreciated the importance of empathy in the workplace.  One small incident that I owned up to was the fact that I arrived for an 8am start when in fact the meeting was scheduled for an 8pm start! - Unfortunately I didn't read the small print!  The 12 missing hours in Guildford were an excellent opportunity to catch up on telephone calls and explore Guildford's coffee shops.  It was a well spent 21 hour day (with 40 minutes of speaker time) however I encourage everyone to check the timings of their events - particularly if near Guildford!