We would like to welcome the New Empathy Lobbyist - Martin Jukes

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Our friend Martin at Mpathy Plus has kindly taken on the role of Empathy Lobbyist, carrying on the work of Jamie in promoting business empathy. Please see below Martin's first postings and a link to his blog. Thank you Martin and good luck. Sarah and Phil.


posted 22 Aug 2013, 07:13 by Unknown user

Martin's blog

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I have often thought that having a blog is egotistical and why would anybody be interested in what I am doing? Well recently, a good friend of mine passed away and so did his position as the empathy lobbyist. So I have decided to continue and build on some of the fantastic work that Jamie Lywood did and share some of my experiences as a customer. Some of them are good, some are bad but the one thing that they have in common is how I feel as a customer.

I hope that you enjoy my observations, praise and moans as much as I do in receiving great customer experiences and if you have any that you would like to share then please let me have them.


It never rains it pours

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I recently noticed a crack in my windscreen. I don't know where it came from or how it happened but it needed to be replaced. My wife called the Insurance Company who took all of the details and asked lots of questions before transferring her to the Windscreen Repairer who asked the same questions and many in a way that appeared suspicious. Anyway, eventually they arranged an appointment for it to be replaced but the call was certainly distasteful and a poor experience. The day of the repair came it was replaced at an agreed time, so all well that ends well we think (apart from the £80 excess). 2 days later I am out in the car and the heavens open! I turn on the wipers and the drivers side does not move! The wiper had been removed to replace the windscreen and not fitted properly so it did not work. In torrential rain I  had to get out of the car and check what the problem was. I could not drive as it was too dangerous. We pay our insurance policy, we deserve better. I am sure that if I call the Insurer they will tell me that its not their problem as they don't do the replacement but they should take responsibility for their subcontractors. Does this sound familiar?
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A sad goodbye to Jamie and this blog

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On the 5th May 2013 Jamie lost his short battle with cancer.  As Jamie was the 'Empathy Lobbyist' then it means the end of this blog unless I can find someone with the experience and drive to continue this role.  Thank you for subscribing and reading these articles.  Phil owens.

Halfords Re-active Redemption

posted 25 Sept 2012, 05:44 by Unknown user

I had an interesting experience with Halfords over the past 24 hours.  I traveled 42 miles to get a Power Pack from the Hereford store.  When I got home I discovered that it was a previously returned item with parts missing.  The store said that I would have to take it back and apart from offering to put the missing part in the post refused to do anything else.  The national Customer Service Hotline spoke to the store manager who implied that I was lying about damage to the unit's labeling - again the only option offered was if I returned to Hereford with the item.  The Customer statements on the website are very customer centric ( so,  as I was aware of the recent exit of the CEO of Halfords, I decided to write to the new interim CEO - Mr Dennis Millard.  A quick response from his Executive Assistant and a call from the Area Manager within a few hours has restored some faith - it is a shame that the response and apology was so reactive.  

Mobile Phone Companies - a disgrace

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Recently I have had cause to call both Orange and Vodafone - and had a torrid time.
Firstly Orange - on behalf of my 81 year old mother - she went into an Orange shop and explained that she only uses her phone once or twice a month - despite asking for a pay as you go plan she was put onto a 2 year expensive contract - I have tried to contact Orange 10 times and have spent over 3 hours on the phone and they are not responding - the shop denies responsibility and the HQ won't respond - terrible customer experience
As for Vodafone - I was offered a deal on the internet - confirmed by an advisor but when I was put through to the sales department they tried to charge me more - also it doesn't seem to matter what numbers you press on the IVR - you get through to the same department and have to go through the security time and time again - They don't seem to care about sustaining or keeping existing customers and they certainly don't keep their word! - Shame on both companies - 
They (Vodafone) had the audacity to send me a questionnaire - despite giving the worst possible scores no one has contacted me - what a waste of an opportunity to redeem themselves.

Off to Rocket!

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Today I am off to spend the day with Rocket Consultancy in support of a large project involving empathy measurement.  Always lovely to work with the Rocket team.

CGA Experience latest Licensee

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We are delighted to welcome CGA Experience to the UK & EMEA Licensee Group. 
CGA understands the landscape that customers inhabit, the kinds of emotional experience that shape their buying habits and how best to ensure their ongoing loyalty to client brands. And through this insight, they help to deliver world-class customer experiences – the essential foundation of a more profitable business. 

Chris Garthwaite, the CEO and Founder of CGA, says:
"CGA is a community of experts and advisors in customer experience. Drawn from a range of talents and expertise, we are connected by a passion for the customer and proven individual track records with many of the world’s most exciting companies. Together, we provide advice, powerful insight and follow-through solutions to ensure your customer experience is outstanding.  Our empathy license is a natural extension of our existing skills and expertise and we look forward to working with Compathy".

Mpathy Plus and Rocket Consultancy take on Licenses

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We are delighted to announce that both Mpathy Plus and Rocket Consultancy have taken on Empathy Licenses.  
Mpathy Plus's Martin Jukes says "Becoming an Empathy Licensee is a really good fit for our business and we are looking forward to our clients benefiting substantially from our extended suite of product offerings".  Mpathy Plus are management consultants with a real focus on improving customer service and the customer experience. They provide a wide range of services across all sectors with expertise in developing organisations and services around the customer. Read more about Mpathy Plus.  
Rocket Consultancy is the new consultancy founded by Cilla Mckay.  The Rocket team gains a clear understanding of the Client’s current position and then working in conjunction with internal targets and strategies to develop ongoing first class performance and measurable results.  
Read more about Rocket Consultancy.  

Empathy benchmarking re-launch

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At the end of last year (2011) we launched a joint venture between Compathy, SOCAPiE and Oxford Brookes University Business School. Together we are re-constructing the old ERIC Benchmarking Programme under a new banner 'ASPIRE60'.

  • Compathy is conducting the research through the Accredited Research Team responsible for the ERIC Programme (2004-9)
  • SOCAPiE Existing Members will be encouraged to participate
  • Oxford Brookes University Business School will be conducting the analysis and reporting on their findings

A joint marketing campaign offering new SOCAPiE Memberships combined with the Empathy Benchmark will launch shortly.  As SOCAPiE is a not-for-profit organisation there are serious discounts for participating companies!

You can view our DIGITAL BROCHURE or, if you are unable to do this (i.e. iPad users), you can view our PDF Document.
See if you are one of the Top60 companies in the benchmark (based on historic data)

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