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Vital Light specialises in driving profit through improving Empathy for higher Customer and Employee engagement and retention.

The company currently focuses on the world of the contact centre as this is the ‘relationship hub’ of many organisations today. The contact centre Agent is the most frequent human contact between an Organisation and its Customers. With increased self-service channels that deal with transactions and process, the skill set of the Agent is evolving to incorporate Empathy to manage more complex and problem oriented enquires.

A highly empathetic Agent is an organisation’s strategic business tool! Empathy saves time, money and energy because Agents:

¥             Understand customers better, sooner

¥             Explain procedures and policies assertively

¥             Find an appropriate solution for company and Customer.


Vital Light delivers customised Empathy Training and Empathy Audits; and develops optimal Customer and Employee Value Propositions and Experience, aligned to Organisational Vision and Values.


Vital Light is under the directorship of Toni Blumeris (M.SocSc.Psych.) UND 

¥             Toni’s background is diverse: from practicing psychologist; to brand manager; to qualitative market research specialist; and sustainability consultant. She most describes herself as a human behavioural specialist.

¥             Toni has worked for various management consulting and market research agencies and led a few business start-ups; including the former Harding & Yorke, an international Empathy consultancy now known as Empathy Partners.

¥             She has a strong entrepreneurial flair, and innate ability to see patterns and trends in both data and human behaviour. However, she regards her strongest ability as being able to teach and share information in a way that makes behavioural transformation for other people very easy.

¥             Toni’s passion for behavioural transformation comes from a belief that her purpose is to assess and assist individuals, groups and companies in shifting their behaviour to appreciate, look after and grow our precious resources (mostly our people, but importantly, also our environment).  

¥             Toni is preparing her submission for a Doctoral programme in 2016 to pursue her growing passion for the impact of compassion on development of people and their ability to care for the environment. 


Toni is developing a team of Facilitators and Researchers who can assist in bringing the message of “Driving Profit through Empathetic Customer Service” to South African organisations.


If you are interested in either Empathy Training and Audits, or Empathy Facilitation, please contact Toni through the information provided above.