EPIC (Empathy Partners Industry Comparison)

EPIC (Empathy Partners Industry Comparison) is the new name for the ERIC Benchmarking Programme launched in 2004 and subsequently renamed Aspire 60.  

For 5 years the ERIC Benchmark included measurement of over 200 companies in 12 different industries including:

Catalogue Clothing; Credit Cards; Health Insurance; Home Insurance; Life Insurance; Loans; Mobile Phones; Mortgages; Motor Insurance; Savings; Telephone Banking and Utilities. To see a complete list of ERIC Benchmarked companies (2004-2009) please click HERE

Numerous Public Sector organisations and other companies from outside the standard industries have used ERIC to benchmark their empathy performances and wish to keep their findings confidential.

The Difference Between ERIC and EPIC Analysis and Reporting - coming soon


In 2011, under Compathy, it was decided to up-date the ERIC Benchmarking Programme to include the EPIC (then Aspire 60) questions.  Specifically this retains all the correlations with Profitability and adds a new dimension by asking 4 key questions at particular points of the analysis:  The new questions allow the analyst the opportunity to clarify the referral conundrum created by many NPS question sets - 'On what grounds does the customer intend to refer a particular organisation to their colleagues or friends? - is it the people, the process or the product?'

The new Questions include: 

Question 36:

Answered only at the end of ‘Developing a Relationship’

Based solely on the relationship with the person who handled your interaction how would you rate this company to a friend or colleague?

Question 42:  

Answered only at the end of ‘Handling the Task’.  

Based solely on the process you have encountered how would you rate this company to a friend or colleague?


Question 51:

Answered only at the end of ‘Promotion’ – and only if we feel able to rate a particular product or service

Based solely on the interaction how would you rate a particular product or service to a friend or colleague?

Question 60:

Answered only at the end of the analysis

Overall how would you rate this company to a friend or colleague?


In each case we continue to use the 1-10 Absolute scale and through the secondary analysis of these questions we can support companies in their need to understand why people say they would refer (or not) their organisations.

For a sample ERIC Benchmarking Report - please click HERE


How we Measure:

  • Participating Companies supply 120 calls from their target Contact Centre.  These are filtered for sound quality; fairness / appropriateness; security and collection distribution.  Personal and sensitive data is removed from the calls and 40 are distributed to Accredited Researchers via a very secure FTP site.
  • The Researchers (who are CRB checked) listen to the interactions and carry out 3rd party analysis online.  They identify soundbites that can be used for any future experiential presentations to client organisations to support the findings and make them come alive.
  • The analysis and comments are monitored and quality checked
  • The findings go live on the dedicated online portal for client access - estimated time from receipt of calls to publication - 1 week

Secondary Analysis (optional):

  • We offer secondary analysis from a conference call 'walk-through' to a full presentation of the findings including soundbites, competitive analysis and facilitated workshop to discover root causes and strategic development
  • We and our partner companies are fully equipped to support EPIC clients in training, coaching, and re-alignment of internal call quality performance measures
  • Comparable measures can also be included from face-2-face interactions, correspondence (letter and email), internal engagements as well as across functions including Complaints; Collections; Sales; Service; Help Desks; etc.
How much does participation Cost?
  • The cost to measure against the EPIC question set is dependent on the services you require.  Please contact Phil Owens for further information (01235 526806)
Access to your Findings
  • Your company name, industry and function will be included in the analysis and other participants will be able to view your findings if your scores are registered.  
  • You are provided with a User Name and Password and the Login tab is available at www.empathy.co.uk 
PR Opportunities
  • Being one of the best companies in the World at making your customers feel good is high praise indeed and we will work with organisations both internally and externally to exploit this opportunity.  Often, we will ask you whether you would be happy for us to write up your story as a case study and to attend conferences with us as co-speakers.
  • Our analysts are happy to investigate with you, your own scores and correlations with other metrics (either financial or operational) and to write up documents for outside news and press stories as required.
  • When asked, Study Tours can be organised to companies within the EPIC listing.

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