Mpathy Plus

Contact: Martin Jukes            


  Telephone:  08450 569800   

Mpathy Customer Experience, trading as Mpathy Plus are management consultants with a real focus on improving customer service and the customer experience. We provide a wide range of services across all sectors with our expertise being in developing organisations and services around the customer. Our expertise includes strategic development, designing and building contact and customer service centres in addition to undertaking reviews of performance and operations. We address the issues surrounding people, process, technology and more whilst also providing a customer perspective.

Operating at both a strategic and operational level, we are able to provide our clients with the expertise and support that they require to continuously improve performance to achieve greater value and increase customer satisfaction. We deliver real insight into how an organisation is behaving and performing from using an evidential base combined with the experience of having been there and done it many times.

Our clients tell us that they appreciate our honesty and pragmatism whilst also benefiting from the sharing of our knowledge and experience. We hope that they also enjoy the experience of working with us. We are real people who are excited by creating improvement and observing the impact on people and customers.

Becoming an Empathy Licensee is a really good fit for our business and we are looking forward to our clients benefiting substantially from our extended suite of product offerings.

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