Jamie's Video Stories 2


5. A Proper Critique


#5  A Proper Critique
This is a great tool for you to use to explain how people fail to see all the information presented to them.
Empathy reporting has to be a 'Proper Critique', as often a poor customer experience is a direct result of
an agent following prescribed processes. It is impossible to fix one element without fully understanding
the consequences of another.Featuring key points in: Measures/Culture and Solutions 


Turning the Subjective into the Objective


                  #6 Turning the Subjective into an Objective Measure
Here is a brief insight into the empathy measurement technique - the WHO we are measuring,the WHAT
we are measuring, and the HOW we measure. Empathy measurement is about measuring the subjective
elements of an interaction and delivering it to audiences objectively. Featuring insight into: Measures
/ Culture and Solutions  

The Customer is not always right



                                                                        #7 - The Customer is NOT always right!
           Jamie suggests that the Customer may have a very good reason to feel that they are right - even if they
           are technically wrong. He also relates a couple of stories that demonstrate how important it is to get to
           know all the information from the customers perspective before passing judgement. Key insights
           into: Customer Service / Measures / Solutions and Complaints  

RSA Animate - The Power of Outrospection


Empathy - Outrospection - an RSA Animate Film
                           This is a wonderful new animated film on Empathy and the need to look out rather than in. I highly
                           recommend this to anyone interested in Empathy - We are not alone!! 

Licensing and Compathy - for interest only

Licensing and Compathy
This is an interesting archive video on Compathy and the licensing system. Compathy is no longer
trading and the licensing system has been phased out.