Jamie's Video Stories

Jamie, since 1994, has been CEO of a number of organisations dedicated to the measurement and
management of empathy in the corporate environment (including the Harding & Yorke Group of
Companies) and was the driving force behind identifying the correlation between the Empathy
Measures and Profitability. He has worked with over 100 companies throughout the world and
regularly speaks at private and  public  conferences. He now licenses out the empathy measurement
methodology and he dedicates his time in support of the Empathy Licensees. 


An Anthology of Stories recited by Jamie Lywood. This introduction puts the stories into context
and introduces the concept. Each of the stories have influenced Jamie's private or professional
life in some way and he now shares them for others to learn, use or share as they feel fit.

1. The Retailer's Dilemma


                                                   #1 The Retailers Dilemma
This story focuses on how and why our own personal morality sometimes goes out of the window when
we make decisions as a corporate body. Featuring lessons in Culture / Measures and Solutions. Compathy
sponsors an Anthology of Stories recited by Jamie Lywood.  The stories are all on Empathy or Corporate
Culture and all have influenced Jamie's private or professional life in some way.

2. St Peter and the pathway to Heaven


                                                                          #2 St. Peter and the Pathway to Heaven
                          This story is a very good way to understand how it feels to be a prospect in the first instance and then
                          subsequently as a customer of the same organisation. Featuring lessons in Customer Service and Sales.

3. The Monkey Story


 #3 The monkey story
              The monkey story is taken from an aged Harvard Business Review and is about an experiment done at MIT (I think)
                       on culture. It helps us understand why some change management Programmes' fail to impact the customer experience
                                              and how legacy is largely to blame. Featuring lessons in Culture and Solutions.

4. The Hym Sheet

#4 The HYM Sheet (Harding & Yorke Matrix) 

 A matrix which was first designed during Jamie's time as CEO of Harding & Yorke. The HYM Sheet
shows the difference between Empathy Measures and the more traditional Customer Satisfaction
Measures often found in organisations. Featuring lessons in Customer Service / Sales / Measures
/ Solutions and Complaints
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