Jamie's Testimonials


Caroline Hardwicke - Commercial Director at SJD Accountancy

"Jamie is an inspiring leader - challenging others to achieve more than they may have thought possible. However, he really comes into his own in front of an audience - his unique and engaging style stirs and captivates - a brilliant speaker and facilitator".

Professor Bryan Foss

"Jamie is a brilliant innovator and storyteller that keeps board level people completely engaged when discussing the value of empathy within customer communications and experience.  He has worked with over 100 companies, including numerous financial institutions, as well as public and private companies.  He promotes customer empathy through wonderful storytelling and talks about creating fantastic communications with real life stories and case studies to match".

Don Hales

Founder - Customer Service Training Network - Events & Awards Programme Organiser

"Jamie is an extremely engaging and enthusiastic speaker on an important subject that is frequently overlooked by those providing customer service - EMPATHY.

After seeing Jamie perform, I had no hesitation in booking him for one of my events in 2010, he did another in 2011 and we are now looking to use him again in 2012.  Trouble is, he may not stay a 'best kept secret'"


07850 874120

Sponsor - The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM Finance Group)

"Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year's Finance Group Summer Reception held at the Grange St. Paul's last week but I understand that the comments we have received from members and guests attending the function have been fantastic......." 

6th October 2011 - Specific reference available

Delegate - CSTN Event

"I was delighted to hear your brilliant presentation on “The empathy measurement methodology” last Thursday and have in fact given a copy of your presentation and contact details to two of my colleagues and have been through the key learning points...." 

13th October 2011 - Specific reference available

Paul Rose - Events Manager (paulr@icebluesky.com)

"Jamie spoke at one of our B2B events recently and went down a storm.  He held the delegates' attention for the entire event, whilst making them think and talk about the subject.  The variety of interactive methods Jamie uses ensures that people are not just passive listeners at his presentations, but become involved and start to proactively participate in the discussion.  Feedback afterwards was that they could have listened to him for much longer than the 40 minutes we allocated him!" - December 2011