About You

Page ImageYou are the reason for our existence.  We are here simply to help you benefit personally and financially from improved customer experiences. 

The tools, techniques and expertise you are able to access through us are designed to be cost effective, deliver a return on your investment and, most importantly, are sustainable.

There are many reasons why you may be interested in using our services.  If you can't find what you are looking for - why not give us a call anyway.  Much of our work is designed and delivered purposefully for clients and the full list of what we do / have done is too long to list here.

Above all we are about inspiring you and your people to achieve excellence in all you do.  The most important ingredient in achieving this is YOU and we don't forget it.

About Us

Page ImageAt Compathy we recognise the huge difference between what was quickly becoming the default way to measure service quality - Customer Satisfaction - and how a customer is made to feel when interacting with a company, product or brand. After all, we argued, it is possible to be satisfied and yet have a lousy experience in being satisfied.

Since then we have designed and developed tools to measure and improve Empathy.  This is the corporate ability to address the emotional needs of customers as well as the physical needs measured more often than not by more traditional ‘satisfaction' measures. 

It is in this area that we have built our expertise and now offer products, services and expertise to a wide range of industries - all designed to help our clients improve and benefit from improved and sustained customer experiences.