This site is maintained and operated by Empathy Partners who manage and accredit users of the Harding & Yorke (H&Y) empathy measurement methodology throughout the World. 
Empathy measurement is the only measurement in the Customer Experience space that is academically proven to correlate with Profit and to be judged at 98.9% reliable. Only the 'Partners' listed in this site have exclusive access to accredited resources, proven methodologies, IP grants and an on-going empathy research programme.
Over 18 years H&Y developed a unique approach to measure how it feels to be a customer of an organisation and consultancy services to help you to improve your Customers' Experiences.  Our aim has always been very simple - to help you build and sustain great experiences for those who work for you, and with you. We are delighted to announce that our services are available through us and/or our limited number of 'Partners' - each experts in their own rights.  Together we will develop products faster, be more competitive and meet your needs more fully.
The name Empathy Partners reflects both the partnership within our company of Sarah, me (Phil) and our Research Team; and our external 'Partnerships' with the licensees whom we have continued working with after we phased out the license system.
To meet and appraise 'Our Partners' please hover on the Our Partners tab and discover their particular expertise.

Our Customers include:

Secrets of Success - Delivering Empathy

This video was produced for Harding & yorke and a lot of it is relevant to Empathy Partners so please give it a view.

Empathy Partners News

  • Jamie's final video story on Customer Empathy and Corporate Culture Jamie had planned to write a book - 'Campfireology' - a set of metaphoric tales relating to the business world.  As part of this process he released a set of these video stories.  This is the final one which he posted on 5th February 2013.  No-one could have known that only 3 months later he would leave us; but I do believe this video is how he would love to have been remembered - entertaining his audience.  The 7th in the series 'The Customer is NOT always right!' is available below.  It is a short (3:35) video and includes 2 stories on why it is so important to understand why the Customer might feel that they are right - even if they ...
    Posted 16 Jul 2013 15:57 by Phil Owens
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Empathy Blog

  • We would like to welcome the New Empathy Lobbyist - Martin Jukes Our friend Martin at Mpathy Plus has kindly taken on the role of Empathy Lobbyist, carrying on the work of Jamie in promoting business empathy. Please see below Martin's first postings and a link to his blog. Thank you Martin and good luck. Sarah and Phil. 
    Posted 22 Aug 2013 07:48 by Phil Owens
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